Cooling tower (SOARA)
Every processing plant must be able to remove heat from its products and equipment cooling tower provide cool water for doing just that. And by recirculating and reusing water,cooling tower enable us to conserve some of the 500 bilion gallons of water used for industrial cooling each day. Although there are different types of cooling tower,all have similar components that provide efficient coling.
A cooling tower and one or more heat exchanger comprise an open recirculating water coolig system .in a continuous cycle,heated water is exchanged for cooled water. A cooling tower cools warm water by exposing it to the air.this temperature reduction is the result of two processes …. sensible heat transfer and evaporation .
Sensible heat is heat that can be measured with a thermometer .in a cooling tower ,sensible heat that is transferred from the warm water to the cooler air.sensible heat transfer accounts for only 10 to 20 % of the cooling effect in a cooling tower.


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